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John Lumbleau Contributions & Achievements

1946-47Served during WW II with the U.S. Navy
1947Became Real Estate Agent one week following 18th birthday
1951Loyola University, Graduated BBA. Became Real Estate Broker
1951-1953Real Estate Broker license. In 3 months became 1st in sales in 18 agent office.
1952-1953While attending graduate real estate classes at USC created and served as a founding father of Rho Epsilon, the only national real estate fraternity, Wrote fraternity bylaws and ceremonies.
1953Lumbleau Real Estate School--Accepted duties as President of School founded in 1937 by Walter Lumbleau. Taught all courses as one of a group of teachers from 1953 through 1968 and then taught as "fill in" teacher for emergencies until 1988.
1958Earned Certificate of Real Estate from UCLA
1962-65Wrote textbook and produced a five “live lecture” course taught throughout California called “The Creation of a Successful Real Estate Salesperson.” In this course, the “FARM” method of prospecting for a client base was introduced.
1966-1968Produced audio and video tapes on the sales training series
1968-69Produced “Challenge to be Great” motivational series of monthly seminars with 2,000 -3,000 salespeople in attendance at presentations
1978Wrote 32 audio tape cassette series “Your Challenge to Be Great,” combining my skills with those of Earl Nightingale, a world reknowned motivational speaker.
1982-87Served as Regent for Loyola Marymount University until 1987. Resigned duties to accommodate family retirement move to Dallas, Texas.
2000-2003Ended retirement to direct efforts of Lumbleau Real Estate School’s new internet education. Spent first two years transferring 5,200 questions, answers and rational explanations from paper to digital Internet format. Eventually ending up with 2,800 Agent current questions and 800 unique Broker current questions.
Created 14 new two to three hour videos. Revised and rewrote the entire Lumbleau School course program to accommodate Internet and “in session “video regular classroom “Exam Passing” presentations.
2003-06Tested and developed a revolutionary internet exam-passing teaching and study program exclusively using California broker exam applicants.
2006-2007Completed internet program. Result -- it provides an extremely high student retention and pass rate in comparison to any other instructional methodology.
2006Joined REEA The national Association of Real Estate Educators. Spoke at their 2006 National Convention in Las Vegas – Subject "The Distinguishing Characteristics of A Great Real Estate Educator."
2007- 2009Created entirely new version of the now famous Lumbleau Exam Passing course
Created and incorporated “in Office Real Estate Education Coop” The first Real Estate Educational Cooperative in the history of real estate.

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