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Lumbleau School Broker
Internet Pre-License and Exam Passing

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The Lumbleau Real Estate School has become the broker exam passing specialist In May 2003, the Lumbleau Real Estate School began exclusively mailing only broker applicants and concentrated on teaching only brokers to pass their exam.

The result of our broker training exclusivity
five times in the past six years, our 82% first attempt broker pass rate forced the total broker pass rate to equal or exceed the agent pass rate. In each case, immediately, the DRE lowered the broker pass rate from 5%-8%.

Having a broker pass rate exceed an agent pass rate had never before happened in the 70 year history of the Department of Real Estate.
For brokers to have a higher pass rate than agents is considered impossible. After all ---
  1. D.R.E historically has considered all schools equal in their ability.
  2. Both exams use the same identical database of questions.
  3. The agent exam has 150 of the easier questions. The broker exam has 200 of the more difficult questions.
  4. The agent exam requires only 70% to pass. The broker exam requires 75% to pass.
Then, how did this happen? Because all schools are not equal.

Why Did Lumbleau concentrate on broker exam passing? We did this because the department of real estate, starting in January 2004, allowed sales/agents to apply immediately before taking a “Principles” course and take a state exam in 3-4 weeks.

The Lumbleau School takes seven weeks to train a person to pass a state exam. We refused to lower our educational standards to a three week course ending with a weekend crash course.

Because The Department of Real Estate uses the same database to prepare exams our broker and agent courses use our same database of 2,800 debriefed totally explained and textbook referenced state questions.

Brokers receive an extra:
  1. Four equivalent 200 question broker exams
  2. Over 350 Update questions

Packages including Broker Exam Prep
*Including 41 hours of streaming internet video
Including 41 hrs on 17 DVDs (text/workbook inc.) $189.00**
*Physical text/work book add $29.50 --- **S&H = $10.00

This is how we accomplish our broker passing rate that is unmatched by any other school.

The Lumbleau method saturation exam passing

This is the secret of our success. Not only do we have the only organized by subject, totally explained, largest database of currently being used state questions, we have a $250,000 interactive Internet software method of first testing, then teaching, every question one at a time. Our internet software program allows you to set aside every question you can easily answer and “tag” then build a personal study base of only your difficult questions.

While taking your one to eight mandatory courses over the required 2˝ to 20 weeks, you take 14 motivational video exam-passing classroom sessions - each followed by an average of 200 debriefed questions. Then, you take four equivalent state exams.

While you are waiting for your exam, you study our update of any new questions. We currently have over 350 new broker questions.

During each of the 14 two hour video pre-license lectures, using your "Excerpts" textbook to follow the teacher, you learn:

  1. Everything needed to pass your state exam while receiving Certificates of Completion" for three "College Equivalent" courses required by the Department of Real Estate.

  2. Immediately following each of the 14 video lectures you are tested on an average of 75 -100 questions in your "Educator" workbook.

  3. Following the workbook assignment you use our exclusive fourteen segment, 2,800 question internet interactive software to add additional questions while testing and retaining the information already understood.

  4. After the 14th lecture, while waiting for your state exam, you then are examined using 150 question equivalent state exams while constantly improving your knowledge and retention until your exam date arrives.

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